Some Files Don’t Scan into the MediaMonkey Library

There are a couple of situations in which tracks may not scan into the library:

  1. MediaMonkey only scans formats that it supports AND that have been enabled for scanning. If your trying to scan a format not natively supported there may be a plugin to add support for that format. After installation of the plugin make sure you enable the format in the Add/Rescan Files dialog.
  2. MediaMonkey will ignore files in folders used for other features in MediaMonkey. Depending on your version of MediaMonkey this can include the Virtual CD, Previews and UPnP Cache folders.
  3. MediaMonkey will ignore files that are set as or are stored in folders set as hidden in the file system.
  4. Settings under Tools > Options > Library from the Main Menu include options to ignore short files which will cause short files from being scanned.
  5. MediaMonkey 4 and older will not scan files with a Path exceeding 248 characters. Shorten the Path to have the files scanned by MediaMonkey 4 and older. This limitation doesn’t exist for MediaMonkey 5.
  6. MediaMonkey can fail to scan files when the extension of the file is incorrect. For example some MP2 files are given the incorrect MP3 extension.
  7. Corrupted files can be skipped on scanning. You can attempt to play the file with MediaMonkey from File Explorer to see if playback also fails.
  8. If a all files from a drive are ignored on scanning make sure the drive letter isn’t set under IgnoreDriveLetters= in the MediaMonkey.ini.
  9. Some NAS devices (notably Infrant hardware) seem to stall and/or fail to scan some files due to network-related issues. In such cases, setting the device’s TCP MTU to 1492 and disabling jumbo frames on the device may solve the problem.

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